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ACC Basketball Fan?... Check Out Our Favorite ACC Hoops Bar

The Best ACC Hoops Bar in Chicago

Updated Nov 7, 2018 | 6:00 pm CST

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Tobacco Road Tap Room  

2249 N Lincoln Ave,
Chicago, IL, 60614

Well everyone.... It's here... college basketball is officially upon us. Now I'm not a huge basketball fan, in fact, I think the NBA is complete garbage, but college basketball is a different story.


This is a sport where kids are diving all over the courts, crying when they lose games, getting arrested for public intoxication and then waking up to go to your 8:00am English Lit class still drunk from the night before. There's simply nothing better than that is. And there is one conference in particular that I just absolutely love watching, and that's the ACC. The rivalry's between Duke and UNC, Duke vs Wake, Duke vs... well everyone, it's so much fun to watch.


For any of you that have been to an ACC game you know that the electricity in those buildings are second to none and can not be replicated. However... we have a bar in this great city that comes close to that every night of the week during ACC conference play. A place where you are smothered in ACC paraphanalia, great beer, amazing food specials that come with a side of adrenaline that only the ACC can provide. That glorious place that I am speaking about is Chicago's very own, Tobacco Road. 


The moment you walk into the bar you know you're in the right place for ACC basketball. With amazing TV's every where and your school's colors flying on the walls, it will make you feel right at home. If you're an alumnus from one of those schools, It give you that great sense of ACC price and maybe even have one of those legal flashbacks to your glory days in college.


Either way.. .if you're looking for the best ACC bar in Chicago, look no further than Tobacco Road, I guarantee you'll be impressed.





The Mitch