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Blackout Wednesday... Why It's The Best... And Where To Go...

Our List Of The Best Locations For Blackout Wednesday

Updated Nov 16, 2018 | 6:00 pm CST

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Top Blackout Wednesday Spots In Chicagoland

Blackout Wednesday... a tradition unlike any other.... a night where you and your friends get together the night before Thanksgiving and well.... blackout. I don't know about any of you, but coming home from college and seeing your high school friends for an epic night was one of my most favorite things to do in my 20's. You have spent the last 12 weeks blacking out with your degenerate college friends and now you're ready to blackout with the friends who know you better than your parents. For me... I just loved the whole process of the night....


1).The Preperation..... You've spent all night coordinating the night with 20 of your closest friends throughout the entire week. Should we go downtown? Should we go to the local watering hole? Should we cross town into highschool rivalry territory where there's a solid chance we could get in a fight? Ulitamtely, you decide to go to your local bar because you know that's where your entire high school was going to be at and most likely one of your buddies would end up taking home his high school sweet heart completely ruining his college relationship. 


2.) The Pregame.... You haven't been home in weeks and the anticipation of hanging with your boys (or girls) is killing you. You know you can't wait until 10/11 to ride out so you end up in your parents basement. You roll in with a few 30 racks right through the front door because you know parents don't give a shit anymore. You start throwing back keystones, ripping cigs with your friends who "only smoke when they drink," order the cabs and then when the cabs get there, you slam one more beer just to make sure you're on the border of drunk, but not to drunk. Shits about to go down...


3.) The Night...... You get to the bar, high fiving and hugging everyone like you're a fucking boss, you think you're hot shit because you're the Pledge Educator at Delta Delta Delta and you and your boys are about to fuck shit up. The shots start coming, the beers start going down like water. Next thing you know your outside ripping cigs with the guy you used to hate but now you suddenly are best friends with and agree to play in his family turkey bowl the next morning. As the night goes on and the more drunk you get there's only one thing you can think of... the after party


4.) The After Party.... The bar was a success, you and your group tore up the place. Made it known that you're home for the weekend and this is just the beginning. You've invited a select group back to your parents basement because not everyone has the privelage of throwing down until 4am with your group. This as everyone knows is when the real party happens. The drunk fights, the heart to hearts in the garage that you will 100% never remember in the morning, the drinking games, and my favorite part, the sing alongs with all your favorite high school songs that you used to listen to while smoking weed in your friends car. 


5.) Thanksgiving Morning.... Eventually you pass out. Some of your friends wake up covered in piss, throw up and then you have to go on your adventure of finding one of your friends somewhere in the house. Once you and your friends have got your shit together you begin the best part of the morning....the stories from the night before. Where did Joe goe? Why are my pants off? Who peed in the corner? Why did he sleep with her? it goes on and on.... Eventually you all have to get up and go home to enjoy the food your mom was making or even have to perform in a family football game where you end up throwing up half the game, all in all it was worth it.


I bet you're asking yourself... But where should I go to have a night like this if I choose to venture off from my local watering hole??? Well... take a look at my favorite places in Chicago and the suburbs from some of you that don't like to go downtown. I have had some incredible nights at these spots and I assure you, that if you go out for Blackout Wednesday, these are the places you want to be at. 



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1510 N Wells St,
Chicago, IL, 60610

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Durty Nellies  

180 N Smith St,
Palatine, IL, 60067
(847) 358-9150

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McGees Tavern & Grille  

950 W Webster Ave,
Chicago, IL, 60614
(773) 549-8200

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Burton Place  

1447 N Wells St,
Chicago, IL, 60610

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8 W Chicago Ave #1,
Naperville, IL, 60540

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The Apartment (Above Lion Head Pub)  

2251 N Lincoln Ave,
Chicago, IL, 60614

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John Barleycorn  

3524 N Clark St,
Chicago, IL, 60657
(773) 549-6000