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Christkindlmarket Chicagoland Review....

Christkindlmarket Chicagoland Review

Updated Dec 3, 2018 | 6:00 pm CST

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Christkindlmarket Chicagoland Review....

Daley Plaza  

50 West Washington Street,
Chicago , Il, 60602

Now that Thanksgiving is over everyone has moved on to the best holiday on the calender..CHRISTMAS! Who doesn't love Christmas? The singing, the eating, the drinking, college bowl games, and of course all of the parties. But there is one cool event that Chicagoans get to enjoy every year and that is The Christkindlmarket in Chicago's Daly Plaza. 


If you've never been to been to one of these markets before I suggest going out with your significant other and having a great night in the city. It's also very family friendly so don't think it's only couples walking around.


There's something special about the market in the city of Chicago vs any other marekt that I've been to. You have the amazing city atmosphere with all of the lights, the hot German pretzels, hot roasted nuts and of course my favorite, the hot German wine that they usually serve in a cool Christmas Mug or boot that you get to bring home. Make sure you walk around with your hot wine and go listen to some great German music in the drinking tents that they have setup and if you're up for it go over to the merchant tents and buy some of those German souvenirs.


Just so you know, there is another one of these markets in NaperThrill, but that one is so crowded it isn't even worth it in my opinion. If anyone has ever been out in Naperville on a Saturday night and experienced the over crowdedness, then you understand where I'm coming from. It's basically that, but all of the people at the bars are at the market all at once.


Overall, they do a great job at these markets and I reccomend going out there before they close these all down on Christmas Eve.