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Here Ye .. Here Ye... The SpotLyte Blog is HERE!

The New SpotLyte Blog is HERE! Bringing Chicagoans the most entertaining information on the internet.

Updated Nov 2, 2018 | 7:00 pm CST

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Here Ye .. Here Ye... The SpotLyte Blog is HERE!

Hello Friends....

Welcome to the first ever SpotLyte Blog. We are hoping to provide you all with some unique insights and reviews about Chicago's very own most happening events, best restaurants, long night outs and whatever random things we can think about. 


We're not going to be your typical blog where we rank our top 10 happy hour bars every week like the other guys... no, no, no.... We're going to try and enlighten you all on some great things to do in Chicago as well as try and bring some laughter in your lives. 


We'd like to thank all of our members and daily site visitors in our first year as you are the ones that are driving us to continue to adapt and provide you with the most up to date specials. 


We hope you continue to enjoy our site and we look forward to bringing you fun and interesting content on everything Chicago and more....


Signed - The SpotLyte Team....